Abrasive Blasting


Abrasive Blasting

Proper surface preparation is the key to any successful restoration or refinishing project.

Eco Finish Solutions has the capability to abrasive blast anything from a full truck chassis to a fine art sculpture. 

Blast-only service is available. Contact us for more information 


Size doesn't matter

Well, mostly, anyway. If you can get it to us, we can probably blast it.  

Sometimes It takes grit 

Other times, a lighter touch is required. Wrought iron furniture with 30 years of paint on it can't be handled the same way as a cast aluminum cylinder head. We'll use the appropriate blast medium for your project, whether it requires glass bead, walnut shell, urea, aluminum oxide, soda; or something else altogether, like chemical stripping or sanding.




it's not just for metal

We've blasted wooden beams to bring out the grain and we've etched a logo on a glass tabletop, among other things. If you have an idea, feel free to contact us.