Powder coating is a dry finish process that is both highly functional and very attractive. It's also much more environmentally friendly than painting. Whether your priority is a finish that will provide years of corrosion and UV resistance, or if aesthetics is the most important attribute, powder coating can be a great choice.

We also offer high temperature ceramic coating. Contact us with any questions.


Your color choices are limited only by your imagination

Remember opening the 64-crayon box when you were a kid and being in awe of how many colors there were? Multiply that selection by 100 and you've still not imagined the range of available powder colors. Throw in all the textures, metallics, top coats, and clear coats you can pick from and choosing your color may just be the hardest part of your project.




We Can Handle almost any size or shape

With a curing oven that's 8' x 8' x 20', we have easily powder coated: a spiral staircase, a truck chassis, a race car roll cage, an entire wrought iron dining set, and an airport beacon tower (not all of those things at once, obviously. It's a big oven, not a magic oven).

Not only large, heavy-duty pieces come through our shop. We're very fortunate to work with several of the incredibly talented designers and artists in the area. We also have many customers who bring in pieces that have been in their family for generations and which have immeasurable sentimental value. It's really an honor to be trusted with those items and to play a part in bringing them back to their former glory or, perhaps, giving them a whole new life.


High Temperature Ceramic coating

High temperature ceramic coatings are the industry choice for exhaust systems and other components where extremely high heat will break down other coatings. Ceramic coatings can withstand temperatures of over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a thermal barrier and unrivaled corrosion resistance.

Available in several colors.